Budgerigar Society of
New Zealand (Inc)


Founded in 1934, the Budgerigar Society of New Zealand is a well-established friendly Society that exists to support both Novice and Champion breeders in the hobby of breeding and showing budgies. It is open to anyone in who lives in New Zealand and is interested in the breeding of exhibition budgies or in those delightfully coloured birds that are fascinating to look at and appreciate. We offer help and support in a positive and friendly manner and are especially welcoming of those new to the hobby.

The Society issues closed rings to members to be able to track the breeding of their birds and to identify them at shows. Showing is carried out via the local bird clubs throughout NZ with the show season starting in May and culminating with a National show at the end of July. Patronage is provided to the clubs in the form of monetary prizes, rosettes and ribbons.

There is a panel of experienced judges trained by the Society available for clubs to choose from. Further details on showing is available elsewhere.

The Society is administered by a Council who meet regularly. Current members details can be found on a separate page.

A number of members choose not to exhibit and the Society is a source of useful information on breeding and health related issues.

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