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Welcome to the Budgerigar of New Zealand Society website, sharing your love for budgies through sound breeding advice, quality judging and scientific knowledge.

We are here to:

  • Promote the breeding and development of the budgerigar in New Zealand.
  • Protect the interests of budgerigar breeders and exhibitors.
  • Assist the progress of scientific knowledge within the hobby by the accumulation of data and the encouragement of research.
  • Facilitate the sharing of knowledge and the exchange of ideas by the publication of a regular newsletter to members.
  • Support the exhibition of budgerigars by granting patronage to shows and assisting in such other ways as may from time to time be necessary.
  • Establish and maintain for the guidance and assistance of members and show promoting clubs and societies, a panel of current Society members deemed capable of judging budgerigar sections at open shows.

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